Lionel Messi is a milestone in Barça's first game

Bartomeu, Lionel Messi, will finish his career in Barcelona

The 33-year-old’s relationship with the club has been very serious this year and his future with the Catalans has called into question his contract next season.

Despite reports that Messi was looking for a potential way out, Bartomeu remains confident that her husband will stay in Barcelona for many more years.

“Messi has said that he will end his working and footballing life at Barça,” he said Spanish Movistar network.

“I will not explain the details because we are focused on the competition and we are negotiating with many players, but Messi has told us that he wants to stay and so we will enjoy it much more.”

His comments came after Barça lost 4-1 to Villarreal on Sunday to keep their league title hopes alive.

Messi was on hand with two assists, but could not add his score 700 career goals.

Symptoms of problems

The Argentine has been uneasy a few times this season and has spoken out against the club several times.

At the beginning of the year, Eric Abidal faced the club’s sporting director to accuse players of not working hard enough with former manager Ernesto Valverde.
He also issued a somewhat blurred statement in March when he announced that the staff would be taken a paid cut in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

It seemed that Messi suggested that his teammates should not be asked by the club hierarchy to make the deduction.

“It never ceases to amaze us that within the club there are people who want to put us in a bad mood and try to put pressure on us to do something we were always clear we would do,” the statement says.

Public feuds were more surprising, given Messi’s usual reluctance to speak on his social media platforms.

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