Baseball commissioner warns he could end the season if the coronavirus is not managed better, ESPN reports

Baseball commissioner warns he could end the season if the coronavirus is not managed better, ESPN reports

On Friday, the MLB League and Players Association announced that 29 players and team staff have tested positive for Covid-19 this week.

CNN has contacted the League for comment, but has not heard from them again. A union spokesman told CNN the union had no comment.

Two St. Louis cardinal players have proven to be positive Covid-19The team said Friday forcing MLB to postpone Friday’s game between the Cardinals and host Milwaukee Brewers.
This is the latest news various coronavirus-related delays which have reached MLB programming since the 60-game abbreviated season began on July 23rd.

The Cardinals said the tests were conducted Wednesday before the team’s 3-0 loss to the Minnesota Twins in Minneapolis that night. St. Louis learned of the positive results Thursday night, the team said.

The Cardinals, who were out Thursday, are self-isolating themselves in hotel rooms in Milwaukee “until further notice,” the team said Friday. He did not publicly identify the players who tested positive.

“The team is currently conducting rapid tests of the entire traveling party, has implemented contact tracing and will continue to self-isolate,” the cardinals said in a statement.

The twins, after playing St. Louis on Wednesday, hosted the Cleveland Indians on Thursday and are scheduled play the second in a series of four games with them on Friday. No changes to this schedule were announced immediately.

For now, Friday’s Cardinals-Brewers game at Milerukee’s Miler Park, which was to be the Brewers ’home workshop for the season, has been rescheduled as part of Sunday’s double game.

This is “consistent with the protocols to allow enough time for additional testing and tracing of contacts,” MLB said Friday.

A Saturday match between the two clubs was still on schedule on Friday afternoon.

“We are in favor of Major League Baseball’s decision to postpone today’s game and look forward to playing the home goalkeeper as soon as conditions allow,” said David Stearns, Brewers general manager and president of operations. basketball.

“The health and safety of our players and employees are, and will continue to be, our top priorities,” Stearns said.

MLB Network he was the first to denounce Friday’s postponement.

Marlins and Phillies have also had positive tests

Coronavirus-related delays began after members of the Miami Marlins came down with Covid-19 earlier this month.

MLB Phillies & # 39; s says two employees showed positivity for coronavirus after playing Marlins

After Miami opened the season against the Philadelphia Phillies last week, several Marlins players tested positive. Despite the results, both teams agreed to play the third game of the series on July 26th.

Then more members of Marlins were positive, and those of Marlins the season was on hold until at least Sunday.

A Marlins source told CNN that the team has 21 members who have tested positive at Covid-19 last week, 18 players and three coaches.

The Phillies have also seen many of their games postponed. First, because they had played the Marlins, Philadelphia’s games with the New York Yankees this week were postponed as a precaution.

Then the one in Philadelphia Matches against the Toronto Blue Jays this weekend were postponed after two positive Phillies staff members.

MLB’s short season is being played without fans and features new rules, including a ban on high bites and spitting, to prevent the virus from spreading.

Infected Marlins source is heading to Florida for more detection, according to the source

The 20 Marlins players and staff who have tested positive traveled Friday on several sleeping buses in South Florida, where they will receive tests and additional tests, the team source told CNN.

The Major League Baseball source approved the move.

The Marlins have been isolating and quarantining in a Philadelphia team hotel since their last game there on July 26th. Team members who did not score well remained in Philadelphia on Friday.

CNN’s Eric Levenson contributed to this report.

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