A health care worker passes paperwork to someone at a Covid-19 testing site in Miami on July 27.

Florida sets a new Covid-19 death toll on the fourth day in a row

Mayor Bill de Blasio shows up in New York City on July 9th. Mark Lennihan / AP

The rate of Covid-19 infection in New York City must be less than 3% for schools to reopen, Mayor Bill de Blasio said during the Covid-19 daily press conference. city ​​friday.

New York has been below that threshold for weeks, de Blasio said.

When schools reopen, face masks will be needed along with social distancing, free Covid-19 tests will be offered and all staff and students must have the personal protective equipment needed to work in the classroom, said Blasio.

Teachers will have to test for Covid-19 in the days leading up to the reopening of schools and exam results will be handed out to teachers within 24 hours of the test, said Richard Carranza, chancellor of the New York City schools.

If someone gets sick in the classroom, this information will be communicated quickly, Carranza said.

The goal is to keep children in the same group as much as possible and limit the movement of students and those they come in contact with throughout the day, de Blasio said.

“Everything we do will be focused on safety and health,” the mayor said.

If a student or teacher gets sick, that entire classroom will have to be quarantined for 14 days, Dr. Ted Long said.

Long, who heads the NYC Test and Trace Corps, said the body will investigate every case of Covid-19 in a school and schools could close for a limited time during the investigation, or they could move on to learning. remote, he said.

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