Post Malone records the epic podcast with Joe Rogan

Post Malone records the epic podcast with Joe Rogan

The rapper / singer sat talking for almost four hours The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Malone and Rogan covered a lot of ground from time control conspiracy theories to UFOs.

Malone said he believes he detected a UFO when he was a teenager.

“He was probably 16,” he said. “I was in New York.”

Malone explained that he was with an aunt and uncle who had him and his cousins ​​in strict sleep when he and a cousin saw an unidentified flying object out the window.

But it wasn’t the only time. Malone said he also discovered UFOs in Southern California, where he used to live, and in Utah, where he currently lives.

He practiced a University of Utah hat during part of the podcast

The school called Malone on Twitter.

“Thanks to @PostMalone for reopening the U during his appearance on the Joe Rogan Show today!” He read the tweet.

Malone he told Variety last year being in Utah helped alleviate his anxiety, calling it an “oasis” of Los Angeles. “I said that from the beginning of middle school, I always felt like I was anxious and a little sad all the time, but I came out of that,” he said.

“Being in Utah and being away from shredding and everyone, and me just with my video games and the cold that makes me feel good.”

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