The doctors told me how quickly “clean up” the hips and flanks

Медики подсказали, как быстро "убрать" бедра и бока

Life hack that speeds up weight loss problem areas.

Медики подсказали, как быстро "убрать" бедра и бока

For a very quick recovery from extra pounds on the hips and sides additionally, after each workout, do the massage with a dry brush.

This writes the Cosmo.

After the massage, scrub and douches. That’s all! These treatments help to increase blood flow to problem areas and speed up the fat burning several times. For massage, choose a brush with natural bristles.

The main principle: work the brush in a circular motion from the bottom up, focusing on your problem areas. Skin should be pink, not red. Want to achieve maximum effect? Do this massage after every workout.

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