The wheelchair basketball player considers the amputation of the legs after the rule change

The wheelchair basketball player considers the amputation of the legs after the rule change

Bates, 26, a neighbor of Leicester, England, is likely to have represented GB in Europe. Paralympics in Japan in 2021, but the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has considered that their disability does not meet their eligibility categories.

He has represented GB at the World and European Championships, helping the GB team win gold and silver medals.

Bates was injured while playing football at age 11 and later developed a complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which left him walking with the use of a crutch and left him in constant pain.

Bates, who was discovered wheelchair Basketball, when he was 13, told him Tuesday that it was his disability does not meet its strict criteria for competing in international games – a decision to which it appeals.
He said it is raised with his own amputated leg to be able to compete and claimed on Twitter that he would take legal action against the body.
The CPI revised it classification criteria in 2015 include only 10 eligible disability categories. At the time, the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) was following its separate criteria, which include Bates status.

Still, an IWBF spokeswoman told CNN that she has now adapted her own rules to the CPI after she said she pressured the body and did so “with great sadness.”

CNN has contacted the CPI for comment.

Talking to the The BBC’s “Today” program On Thursday, Bates said: “The CPI has forced the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation to change its classification code.

“They basically want every disability … to be included in a small 10-point category and if it’s not in any of those points, they are considered ineligible, even if they recognize that they have a disability, that they are kind. of what has happened in my case “.

Disability is not “black and white”

The CPI, he said, had acknowledged that he had CRPS and that it had lasting effects on muscle strength, weight gain and range of motion, but still said the disability was not within his criteria.

“I totally agree that there has to be a process to overcome it, but like I said, I can’t walk properly and I have to walk with help. What’s more?” He said.

“They have acknowledged that I have a disability, but they don’t fit their ten points [check list]. There will be hundreds of disabled people like that because disability is not something in black and white, it is not a box you can make. “

He asked how one can register as a person with a disability, but without being able to participate at the highest level in the sport.

Asked if he was serious about having his leg amputated to meet the ICC criteria, he said that if “his appeals and other avenues” are exhausted “then” it will have to be a consideration “.

Ulf Mehrens, president of the IWBF, said in a statement to CNN: “I want to stress that a player who has been deemed ineligible has not cheated the system nor intentionally represented it.

“IWBF still fully believes in our classification philosophy and that sport should be inclusive for anyone with an eligible lower limb impairment … However, as a member of the Paralympic movement and a signatory to the IPC code , IWBF must comply with IPC requirements ”.

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