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The profession of web editor was born at the same time as the explosion of websites, blogs and other digital communication media. Very important in the editorial strategy of a brand, the web editor must demonstrate a number of human and professional qualities. This freelancer writes for companies with editorial content needs. What does the work of a web editor consist of? What are his key skills and qualities?


The web editor, once aware of the editorial strategy of the brand for which he/she is hired, has to carry out a regular watch. The objective here :

To stay informed of the news to write updated content (legal texts, new trends, etc);
To know what the competition is doing in order to stand out or to consider tackling complementary or missing subjects;
To know the company’s current events, to create new topics, to get acquainted with the brand identity and the terminology.
This monitoring phase is essential to think about the content to be written for the brand, which then expects a proactive and reactive web editor.


The heart of his job, the writer, as his name indicates, writes content for the web. Thus, he/she shows great writing, grammatical and syntactic skills and has an impeccable spelling.

The web editor knows the world of online platforms. Thus, while writing, he knows how to anticipate the editorial needs of the brands that trust him. This writing professional must also adapt his speech according to the target (BtoB or BtoC, older or younger target, men vs women, consumers of a particular product). He constantly adapts his texts so that the content is understandable, accessible by the target, impactful and providing a real response and added value to Internet users.

As part of his contract, the writer may have to write editorial content to provide information to readers, based on journalistic research. Also, it can be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writings, whose objective is more based on the referencing of the article on Google.

The optimization

Writing content dedicated to the web, the writer knows that his article must be optimized to be visible on Google. Therefore :

he will make sure to research the keywords surrounding the subject of the article,
he will try to integrate them into his writing with finesse and subtlety to get a high SEO score.
Optimized writing is not mandatory for web writers, but it is an art that is increasingly mastered in order to fight against the tough online competition. Also, brands will call upon SEO experts more often because they will be almost certain to receive texts with an optimized environment.

Through this optimization, the web copywriter works together with the company’s marketing and communication team to:

Generate sales;
Gain visibility;
Reach new prospects.
Expertise in a field
As they build their experience in the field of writing, web writers gradually specialize.
Moreover, when you want to hire a writing expert, don’t hesitate to accede the field of your core business to receive applications from web writers used to writing for.

It can be :

Legal ,
Medical ;
Business ;
Funeral ;
Thanks to this expertise, the web editor knows how to use his knowledge of law, jurisdiction, various rights, and the appropriate lexicon for the topic. He is able to explain a concept without ambiguity, but also to approach sometimes complex subjects because he knows what he is talking about.